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Thermal Imaging Testing Service

.Thermal imaging is a technique used with a special infrared thermal imaging camera to show the different temperatures which cant be seen by normal vision. The camera image shows colder areas as blues and purples whereas warmer areas are shown as reds and yellows.

The thermal imaging test is often a very quick and cost effective testing technique which usually requires no real preperation when looking for air leaks or weaknesses in the insulation layer of your building.


We can also employ the thermal camera to detect water leaks under floor slabs where there may be leaking or burst water pipes which may otherwise be impossible to find. This can save a considerable amount of time and expense on the part of the homeowner.


During The Test

We will scan your building or problem area with the thermal camera to pinpoint areas which may need your attention. This can be around windows or doors but sometimes they are hidden and difficult to detect without the camera. This is normally done from inside the property where colder air can be spotted as it enters the building.
We dont need to look inside your walls or floors so no drilling or special preparation is necessary. The owner should be present to see the images as the building is scanned. You will see any problems clearly at the time of the test.


We can provide you with images of the problem together with a full written report on the issue. Al;ternatively you can choose to view the problem yourself at the time of the scan and note the problem yourself.